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When you want quality park and streetscaping products, we’ve got you covered. At Polly Products, we believe in creating superior products made with functionality and the environment in mind. Our eco-friendly and sustainable park and streetscape products can elevate just about any area, from parks, cities, and neighborhood streets to various recreational areas, schools, and even private residences.

We Make All of Our Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

And the best part? All of our park and streetscape products are made from recycled plastic, a very eco-friendly material, which helps keep waste out of landfills and provides you with durable products that will last for years to come.

Our park and streetscape items are also easy to maintain, which helps keep your parks and other public areas looking clean and welcoming for your guests and visitors year-round. Just a little soap and water occasionally, and your products will look like new. We also use special coloring and sunblock agents which are molded through our recycled plastic products to ensure their color stays fresh and doesn’t bleach out over time.  Our streetscape planters can be left out year round and adapted for holidays and events.

Add a Bat House and Dog Waste Stations

So if you are looking for a way to elevate your parks, streets, or any other areas and enhance visitor experiences—you’ve come to the right place!  Don’t underestimate how much the extra touches contribute to the guest experience.  Installing a bat house will aid as a natural insecticide because bats eat their weight in mosquitoes daily.  Don’t worry, they fly at night so they’ll do their pollinating and exterminating without disrupting visitors.  And because so many families include fur babies, having a pet waste station makes cleaning up after them easy for pet parents, and encourages responsible behavior which benefits all visitors.  We make dog waste products for every size space.  Our pet waste bag dispensers can be mounted on a wall or a recycled plastic post, or included on the Doggie Depot which includes a no-touch waste receptacle.

Our Table Hot Plate is ideal for plastic picnic tables—or any outdoor table really—as it keeps hot cookware from damaging tables. Recycled plastic picnic tables might look like real wood, and they are highly durable, but they aren’t completely impervious to extremely hot cookware or utensils just off a grill or fire. So a table hot plate can help keep your surfaces protected. The Table Hot Plate is also ideal to protect your table from the heat of table-top hibachis and camp stoves.

With our Streetscape Planters, you can instantly transform streets, parks, and other outdoor areas with seasonal foliage and blossoming flowers. Designed with convenience in mind, you can easily change out plants without having to dump or replace soil, and you can even transform them into seating areas with our planters with a bench. Place planters wherever you’d like to beautify an area or use planter benches to direct traffic or create conversation alcoves.

If your guests or visitors like to arrive by bike, then our recycled plastic bike racks are for you. We’ve got ten-slot and six-slot size racks, both with multiple color options.  They are sturdy and long-lasting but won’t rust or fade like metal racks and can be permanently anchored in place.

We’ve also got posts and mile markers for wayfinding in parks, pet waste stations to make pets welcome and cleanup a breeze, message centers and kiosks, and even three chamber bat houses to protect the health and safety of local bats.

Mile markers are engravable to provide clear direction on ORV trails, mark campsites, and can do double-duty as signposts. We have one, two and three-sided message boards to display important information or local areas of interest. And our bat chambers give bats a safe place to rest and raise their young while protecting them from predators, disease, and injuries that wire-mesh can cause.

We also offer anchor hardware and mounting kits to keep your products secure and in place on hard surfaces or on the ground.

Whatever your park and streetscape needs, we’ve got the products for you.

Why Choose Our Park and Streetscape Products?

Protecting the planet is one of our main priorities here at Polly products, so all of the park products and streetscape products are made of high-quality recycled plastic. This reduces waste, cuts down on pollution, and ensures you’ll have a durable product for decades. And at the end of the product lifespan, we take products back to our facility and recycle them so they can have another life instead of tossing them into a landfill.

We also offer a 20-year warranty because we believe in providing only the best, so we back up our products and you can buy with confidence knowing you’re covered. Even better, we have partnered with One Tree Planted and match all donations made with each purchase to further do our part to protect the environment.



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