Bat House

We believe this is the best bat house available and think you will, too. The design has advantages for your bat colony, and for you as well.

To begin with, our bat house is made of 100% recycled plastic with stainless steel screws – that’s it. The recycled plastic is dense, non-porous, impervious to rain and never needs paint or stain. This makes it great for the bats because they won’t be exposed to paint or other finish chemicals. It’s also great for you because, let’s face it, getting an old bat house down and a replacement put back up isn’t so easy.

Our unique baffles

The walls separating the interior into 3 chambers are called baffles. Many cheaper bat houses use netting, screen or wire mesh to provide a foothold for the bats in the chambers. That can be dangerous if the netting comes loose or a sharp wire sticking out injures a bat or pup. Instead, we machine grooves into the walls to provide traction for the bats. There’s nothing sharp and nothing can come loose and fall out of the bat house.

Help keep bats healthy and combat White Nose Syndrome

Bats around the world are being infected with and dying from a disease called White Nose Syndrome. If one bat brings it into the colony, there’s a good chance it’s going to spread to all the friends nestled together in there. Because recycled plastic is non-porous and not organic, it can’t mold or rot. And cleaning and sanitizing your bat house once the colony has migrated can be done with the cleaner of your choice, often from the ground with a sprayer. There’s no metal inside that could rust or netting to hold bacteria.

Bats are endangered and without them, we could be next

Mom bats only have one pup per season, and with so many species becoming endangered and losing habitat from development, they need our help to survive.

Bats return the favor by pollinating agriculture and eating thousands of insects that would harm crops. Bees and bats are our two best pollinators and work together – one during the day and the other at night. It’s estimated that bats save farmers $1 billion in crop losses and pesticide costs! Read this short article about bats to learn more.

You can keep them safe and help maintain healthy colonies. Put a bat house or two in your park or neighborhood.

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