Silhouette 6ft Backed Bench Glass building


Our Donate a Park Bench Program is designed to help local governments save tax dollars. For instance, by encouraging community members to donate park benches or other park furnishings. Once a local government sets up the program for their community, then individuals, local businesses, charities, or other groups can donate a park bench or other specified outdoor furnishings. This program is perfect for parks, zoos, walkways, bike trails, city streets, schools, bus stops, or any other public areas. Each item can be personalized with a plaque or custom engraving for recognizing the donor, a community group, a memorial bench dedicated to a loved one, or another customized message. Since these are all donated by members of the community, there is no cost to local governments or the coordinating agency.

Benefits of the Donate a Park Bench Program:

  • No Cost to Local Governments
  • Promotes Local Businesses
  • Supports Community Outreach
  • Honor Veterans/Public Servants
  • Memorialize Loved Ones
  • Can be Used for Fund Raising