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Improve your LEED with a Polly product, a sustainable alternative to outdoor furnishings made from wood & metal. Products made from traditional materials are known to consume money and time with non-stop maintenance from painting, staining, rusting, rotting & more. You can simply now enjoy all of the time and money saved with our long-lasting & eco-friendly products! 

The best benefit of recycled plastic is that it is lightweight yet extremely strong, and is not brittle as some other types of plastic. It is impermeable to water, remarkably stable, and does not contain any toxic chemicals nor oxidize on the surface like other plastics can. Making our products extremely durable, easy to clean, and very low maintenance. No molding, mildew, or rot and will never splinter or need refinishing. HDPE does not leach any chemicals, making it one of the safest materials for multiple uses: cafeterias, park furnishings, campgrounds, dining tables, schools, marinas, beaches, waterparks, zoos, dog parks, city parks & more.

We take pride in what we do, diverting plastic waste away from landfills & waterways by creating virtually maintenance-free recycled plastic products.

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