The Table Hot Plate

Protect your investment with this high-heat-resistant Table Hot Plate!

The Table Plate was designed to protect your recycled plastic table from melting or burning damage. You can feel protected when placing pans or utensils straight from the fire or grill onto the Hot Plate. There will be no damage to the plate surface itself or the tabletop underneath.

The Table Hot Plate does not transfer heat but acts as a barrier between high-heat and your table. It’s safe to use beneath tabletop grills and hibachis to protect the table surface from potential damage the high temperatures could cause.

The best picnic tables deserve a little insurance

You’ve made an investment in your recycled plastic picnic table and it will serve you and following generations well. Keep it looking its best by protecting the surface from burns with our Hot Plate. It’s cheap insurance to keep your table looking like new.

Sized for all of our rectangular picnic tables, it can be securely attached whether the tabletop is made of 2″ x 6″ or 2″ x 10″ boards. And secure is the word because we include special security screws and the bit to install them. That’s a little insurance for you to deter thieves from unscrewing and taking the plate. You’re welcome!

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