Buddy Benches

Who doesn’t need a buddy? Our Buddy Benches provide perfect seating for buddies, playmates, children, or adults looking to form new friendships. These benches are the perfect additions in schools, parks, playgrounds, and churches.

What is a Buddy Bench exactly? It is a bench that can seat one or more people and is suitable for any public space. It’s labeled as a Buddy Bench so when a person sits there, it’s a sign to others that the person is seeking a friend. A Buddy Benches can help facilitate friendships, so both children and adults looking to make new friends can connect and become friends, possibly for life!

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Mix and Match Colors for the Perfect Color Combination!

Buddy Benches are available in a ton of attractive colors for the bench frames and boards. Feel free to play and experiment with the different permutations and combinations until you find one that meets your unique requirements. With a variety of color options available to pick from, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re looking for neutral or light shades for the church or vibrant colors for playgrounds or schools, you’ll find just what you’re looking for. Pick from a unique set of colors to complement the theme of your playground, church, or facility.

Take your Pick from Our Collection of Buddy Benches Featured Above!

Our Buddy Bench for sale comes with the standardized “Buddy Bench?? engraving to make it affordable for everyone. You can also choose to add colorful resin inlay to the engraving, or add a logo or an additional line of text for an additional fee.

Since the Buddy Bench is made with 100% recycled plastic, it diverts plastic waste away from landfills and waterways, making it an eco-friendly product. They’re also maintenance-free and can be kept clean with water and soap – as easy as that! Lastly, we have anchor kits available for permanent installation, no matter where you want to place them.