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Become/Find a Distributor

We believe in our products – and we know that you will too!   We have an extensive product line that covers everything outdoors. Our products can be used indoors as well, but are specially designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor climates. Additionally, we are constantly innovating and releasing new products to fit all of our customers’ needs.

Forms to become a distributor are found at the bottom of this page.  Please complete the contact form if you’d like to locate an existing distributor

We have recently updated our product line with new Outdoor Message Centers and Recycle Centers. Our Message Centers are unique in that the hinge for the doors is located “inside” the message center- this deters vandals from removing the hinge and door. We have key locks on all our Message Centers, as well.

Our new Recycling Centers are built to last and Eco-friendly! There is optional engraving so that your customers can order their choice of label engraved and add color inlay to encourage recycling and deter contamination. We have many new products to introduce this year so keep in touch by becoming an active distributor! We have also made some updates and changes to our website, as well.

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We are proud to supply environmentally responsible, 100% recycled plastic products to the marketplace; Polly Products provide durable alternatives to other materials that rob our environment of our valuable natural resources. “Outdoor Furnishings That Stand The Test of Time” is our contribution to the saving of our planet.

“Quality”, “Recycled”, and “Long Lasting” are words we can back-up.  We not only manufacture all of our recycled plastic components and use rust resistant stainless steel fasteners, our craftsmen create and fabricate products that are shipped worldwide.

If you are interested in becoming an active distributor, please download the forms to complete and return to us. You can fax them to us at 517-649-2284 or email them to

If you’ve already completed and returned the forms, we’re working on it.  In the interim, if you have any questions or concerns, reach out and we will be happy to provide you with everything you need to present our products to your customers.

Become/Find a Distributor

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