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Outdoor Trash Cans & Recycling Bins

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  • Economy 22 Gallon Receptacle

    Starting at $519.00
  • Round Trash Receptacle with Rain Cap 33 Gallon

    Starting at $994.00
  • Tall 40 Gallon Trash Receptacle

    Starting at $1,287.00
  • Tall 40 Gallon Recycling Receptacle for Plastic

    Starting at $1,552.00
  • Double-Duty Round Trash and Recycling Receptacle

    Starting at $862.00
  • Two-Toned Double Receptacle

    Colors Available

    Starting at $2,160.00
  • Two-Toned 32 Gal Commercial Trash Receptacle, Single

    Colors Available

    Starting at $1,388.00
  • Half Round Receptacle 14 Gallon

    Starting at $499.00
  • Pet Waste Bag Dispenser w/ 6' Post

    Starting at $437.00
  • Round 33 Gallon Receptacle

    Starting at $797.00
  • Tall 40 Gallon Trash Receptacle w/Rain Cap

    Starting at $1,481.00
  • Dog Waste Station with Receptacle

    Starting at $1,021.00
  • 32 Gal 3T32 Triple Unit Receptacle

    Colors Available

    Starting at $2,959.00
  • Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

    Starting at $298.00
  • Tall 40 Gallon Recycling Receptacle for Bottles

    Starting at $1,552.00
  • Tall 40-Gallon Recycling Receptacle -Cans

    Starting at $1,552.00
  • Tall 40 Gallon Recycling Receptacles-Recycle

    Starting at $1,552.00
  • Tall 40 Gallon Recycling Receptacles-Paper

    Starting at $1,552.00

Polly Products commercial outdoor trash cans, recycling bins, and combination recycling receptacles are the ideal solutions for your park, business, recreational facility, or public space. Whether you’re a school, campground, park, golf course, local municipality, etc.—we’ve got what you need.

Recycled Plastic Commercial Trash and Recycling Bins

Use our commercial trash receptacles and recycling receptacles to help keep your location clean and tidy and enhance the visitor experience. Furthermore, these commercial receptacles are made of recycled plastic, which not only keeps your facilities clean but also keep the planet clean. Even the interior frames and supports are recycled plastic instead of metal.  They can’t rot or rust so your receptacles will last for decades.

Trash and waste are bad for the environment as litter but also detrimental in landfills.  This is especially true for plastic waste.  Plastic takes a long time to break down as pollution in the environment but even longer in landfills. However, we reuse plastic to make our recycled plastic receptacles and keep it from turning into waste.  And we even take back our products to recycle and reuse them again.  Our products are made in America with American recycled plastic to keep our country beautiful and thriving!

Considerations for Commercial Trash Receptacles

When choosing from the many options available for public spaces, there’s more to it than buying a pretty can.  Of course color comes into play, but so do safety and accessibility.

Buying for longevity and durability are important both to stretch budget money and reduce landfill waste.  Choose products for durability, the availability of replacement parts so the whole container doesn’t go to landfill, and sustainability.  But also ensure your choice is safe without sharp edges or small parts that can be lost, such as for playground trash receptacles.  And if it will be placed near a water feature or pool, it should not leach chemicals or dyes, and be rust-proof.

Finally, all public trash and recycling receptacles should be ADA compliant and ensure persons of all abilities can easily use them.  This pertains to receptacle openings and the labeling on them.  For those with visual impairment or don’t speak/read English, clear icons are helpful to indicate what each receptacle is collecting.

Our Trash and Recycling Bins are customizable

Polly Products is serious about our commitment to a green planet.  We’ve also partnered with One Tree Planted and match your donations made with every purchase!

Not all companies are committed to this level of sustainability.  At Polly Products, we believe it is our responsibility to do as much as we can to protect the planet.  And we do it while providing superior quality products to our customers.

Our full range of commercial trash receptacles and recycling receptacles are customizable to suit your facility’s needs.

  • Individual trash receptacles. We offer twelve different trash receptacles, each with a distinct style, capacity, and functionality.  Our specialty products include the double-duty round receptacle and the space-saving half-round receptacle for placing flush against a wall.  Check out the receptacles with rain caps, and double & triple side-by-side units. Many can be engraved to indicate what goes inside so you can provide matching trash and recycling receptacles.
  • Individual recycling receptacles. Our recycling receptacles offer five different options for bottles, paper, plastic, cans, and single-stream recycling. All recycling receptacles come with rain caps and the 32-gallon capacity units also come in double and triple options.
  • Combination trash and recycling receptacles. For convenience, you can also purchase our combination options to provide your guests with trash and recycling side-by-side.
  • Pet waste stations. Of course, we can’t leave out our furry friends. Pet-friendly facilities appreciate our pet waste stations because they provide visitors with a convenient way to clean up after their pets. We’ve got the wall-mount pet waste bag dispenser or you can get it with a post to install anywhere.  The complete Doggie Depot includes a bag dispenser and attached, no-touch trash receptacle with a rain cap. And our proprietary Easy-Bag System might be its best feature.  It secures the trash bag and inhibits it from collapsing to keep things clean for your employees, too.

Just take a look. We’ve got several trash and recycling receptacle options to suit your needs.

Why Choose Polly Products Commercial Trash & Recycling Receptacles?

We offer a wide variety of commercial trash receptacles and recycling receptacle sizes to suit any space.  Many include the Easy-Bag system to prevent problems with trash bags falling in.  And, the rigid liners to hold trash bags neatly in place and the rain caps are included.  These are commonly additional options with other manufacturers. We make it easy for you with an all-included price.

We offer combination receptacles to encourage recycling and also pet waste receptacles that aren’t damaged by animal waste or urine. All of our commercial trash receptacles and recycling receptacles are easy to clean and sanitize with minimal effort. Each outdoor trash receptacle is assembled with stainless steel fasteners from inside for a clean look.  This also prevents rust and means a longer product lifespan so you’ll get decades of use from it.

Choose from single, double, or triple container models! Space-saving options include ½ round or our combination unit that has two interior bins to separate trash and recycling. Each trash and recycling receptacle includes one-word label engraving to clearly denote which are for trash and particular recyclables.

Every commercial trash receptacle is made from recycled plastic to take better care of our environment and last decades.

Choose Polly Products for all of your commercial trash receptacles and recycling receptacle needs.

  • Types

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