Trash & Recycling Receptacles, Bins

Polly Products commercial trash and recycling receptacles are perfect for your business or public space. Schools, campgrounds, parks, businesses, and municipalities—whether you need one or ten, Polly Products will help keep your customer experience clean and fresh. These custom recycling receptacles are an all-in-one solution made out of recycled plastic that’s much better for the environment.

We offer a variety of commercial trash and recycling receptacle sizes to suit any space, many with an Easy-Bag system that prevents problems with trash bags. We can customize your recycling receptacle, and we include rigid liners to hold trash bags neatly in place and rain caps which are commonly found as additional options with other manufacturers. We offer combination receptacles to encourage recycling and also pet waste receptacles that will not be damaged by animal waste or urine. All of our commercial trash and recycling receptacles are easily maintained, built to be cleaned and sanitized with minimal effort. Each receptacle is assembled with stainless steel fasteners inside for a clean look that prevents rust.

Choose from single, double or triple container models! We offer space saving options that include ½ round or combination units that have one bin with two containers for trash and recycling. Each custom trash and recycling receptacle includes one word label engraving so you can clearly denote which receptacle is for trash and others for particular recyclables. Every receptacle is made from recycled plastic to take better care of our environment and last decades. Choose Polly Products for all of your commercial trash and recycling receptacle needs.