Message Centers, SOS Kiosks & Signs

Welcome to the best Message Centers available. Every style maximizes durability with high-strength polycarbonate windows and recycled rubber tack board. Perfect for all your outdoor message center needs.

So, if you’re looking for outdoor message centers, then you’ve come to the right place. We have whatever color, size, or style you need.

Why Use Outdoor Message Centers?

Outdoor message centers are an excellent way of interacting with and guiding your patrons as they explore and experience your business. By giving your customers the information they need to easily navigate your premises, you help ensure they have a memorable experience. This is essential to keeping them coming back and being regular customers.

But more importantly, outdoor message centers also help keep your customers safe. This is because they help you advise your customers to stay away from potentially risky areas on your property. Other message centers, like outdoor AED emergency kiosks, for example, are also specifically designed with the safety of your guests in mind.

We have a variety of outdoor message centers for you to choose from. Our selection features single, double, and triple-sided window boxes. All are designed to be secure and safe from theft and vandalism. They are also ideal for in-ground, surface, and wall-mount applications. For added security we use stainless steel piano hinges mounted on the interior of each window.

Need to place custom signs on your property?

We’ve got you covered there too. We make all kinds of outdoor signs — if you can dream it, we can definitely make it. Sign options can be wall mounted, single or double-post mounted, framed, or monument style to mark trails, sites or flora and fauna.

Go ahead and check out our great selection of single, double-sided, and specialty message boards.

We make signs for golf course wayfinding and tee boxes, campgrounds, business, dog parks, and municipalities. The options shown are just a glimpse of what we can do!

Anchor kits for surface and in-ground mounting are options for most message centers and signs.