Outdoor Planters & Planter Benches

With seasonal foliage and blooming flowers, outdoor planters and planter benches revitalize your streetscape and invite foot traffic. They are designed with convenience in mind, so you will be able to change the foliage with the seasons, without having to dump and replace potting soil.

Recycled HDPE Plastic Streetscape Planters Last Longer

All of the Polly Product streetscape products are created with recycled plastic, making them impervious to moisture, rot and insects which can save your money in the long run. They are maintenance-free and can be permanently anchored in place. These streetscape products are an investment into your neighborhood, giving tourists and locals alike a beautiful place to stroll in any season. By raising the aesthetic appeal of a street, you’re providing shops and storefronts with a charming backdrop and potentially increasing foot traffic.

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Enhanced functionality and versatility meets aesthetics

These streetscape products are built to work. They will withstand the test of time while providing people with a beautiful view and, in the case of the bench with planters, a convenient place to sit. The versatility of the bench planters won’t go unnoticed. Create various configurations, and you’ll be providing residents, tourists, and other pedestrians with places to rest, sit and chat, and people-watch, while nestled in between seasonal foliage. The bench planters act as a welcoming environment and gathering spot.

Improve your community

A nicely designed streetscape can elevate the quality and safety of a neighborhood. By increasing & controlling the foot traffic with opportunities to socialize, higher property values and economic growth can result. Your community will thank you for beautifying their street with streetscape products.