ADA Products

Are you looking for ADA products for your school, playground, or park? Choose from our ADA collection of furnishings that includes an assortment of ADA-compliant picnic tables, receptacles, and HA benches.

No matter which ADA-compliant product you choose, rest assured that it meets ADA regulations. They are available in an array of nature-themed colors appreciated by both children and adults of all ages. Our ADA and accessible products are a solid addition to any setting and help create an inclusive environment that guests of all abilities can enjoy.

Choose from a Variety of Fun Styles, Materials, and Colors

Available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, our ADA collection offers plenty of options so you can choose outdoor furniture that aligns with your organization’s color code, theme, or branding. Instantly elevate the beauty of your HOA, park, workplace, school, or playground. These ADA-compliant products are available in fun and vibrant designs that anyone is sure to love!

Buy Products in Compliance with ADA Specifications

Our traditional ADA benches were created with the recommendations set forth by the United States Access Board in mind. They’re equipped with 18-3/4″ seat height and arms so everyone, including mature guests and those with limited mobility, can sit down and rise with equal ease. Moreover they provide full support for the back, head, and neck with an extra deep seat and a tall 21” seat back.

Our receptacles are also designed for compliance with the Board’s specifications, with openings between 15 and 48 inches above the ground. In addition, the specifications require that the operable parts of trash and recycling containers must be operable using one hand without having to tightly grasp, pinch, or twist the wrist, or exert no more than 5 pounds of force. Our ADA receptacles adhere to all of these guidelines as we’ve eliminated the use of doors and lids and instead provide large, clear openings to deposit trash and recyclable items. They are designed for ease of use.

Our ADA picnic tables are no different, offering options to accommodate your guests and your available space. Rectangular tables provide ADA compliant wheelchair access on one or both ends and fulfill all of the ADA compliance requirements. Hex and round HA tables include a wheelchair accessible position and a smaller footprint, perfect for private use where space is limited.