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Dog Waste Stations

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  • Dog Waste Bag Dispenser w/ 6' Post

    Starting at $437.00
  • Dog Waste Station with Receptacle

    Starting at $1,021.00
  • Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

    Starting at $298.00

Dog waste stations are an easy, convenient, hassle-free, and touchless way to manage pet waste. Today’s pets are part of the family and are welcome at many venues, such as hotels, restaurants, camping sites, parks, etc. It’s essential to provide pet parents with an easy way to clean up and dispose of their pet’s waste. The environments at these places are diverse and we understand that each facility’s needs are different. That’s why our selection of dog park products is designed to cater to various requirements and provide the perfect solution for your space.  We offer dog waste bags dispensers for wall or post mounts and a complete Doggie Depot, that includes the waste bag dispenser, receptacle with rain-cap and rigid liner, and the Easy-Bag System that prevents the trash can liner from collapsing inside the receptacle.

Touch-Free Operation That Users Appreciate

Choose from wall-mount or post-mount dog waste bag dispensers or complete pet waste stations! Because our products are made from recycled plastic, the bag dispensers and pet waste receptacles can be used year-round.  They’re designed to withstand any type of weather.

With a touchless receptacle, our dog waste stations are a hassle-free way for guests to deposit their pet’s waste. Guests simply drop their bags in the receptacle with no need to lift a germy (or worse!) lid. Plus, the rain cap is standard and protects the contents from rain and snow, so it’s the perfect all-weather option. Moreover, used properly, our unique Easy Bag System prevents the bag from collapsing in on itself so servicing the pet waste station a breeze.  It keeps the pet waste station clean for both guests and the persons servicing the station.

Our Pet Waste Station Accepts Any Type/Brand of Bags

Another excellent benefit of these pet stations is that they work with any brand or type of waste pick-up bag, whether header or roll style. Our pet waste receptacles come with everything you need to put it in service including the first roll of bags, the lid lanyard, and the rigid liner.

Environment-Friendly and Easy Maintenance Products

Our 100% recycled plastic Dog Waste Stations are environmentally-friendly, durable, rust-free, and low-maintenance operations. Our all-in-one systems stand up to pet urine and cleaning chemicals without damage . They last for years to come in all climates and environments.  Recycled plastic can’t rot or mold.  And we don’t add fillers, contaminants, or organic materials so they are fully recyclable, too!

  • Types

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