Tall 40-Gallon Recycling Receptacle -Cans


The R40C 40-Gallon Recycling Receptacle for cans encourages proper recycling and separation of recyclable materials.  Pair with the Tall T40C Trash Receptacles for a complete, matching system.

The stylish container has the standard recyclable label ‘Cans’  and material-specific openings on the front and back of the rain cap.

The rigid liner and our exclusive Easy Bag System are included.  Choose from 7 UV-protected colors of recycled plastic planks for the base.

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Our Tall 40 Gallon Recycling Receptacle encourages recycling with a stylish container and a clearly labeled lid.  Recycle properly with design consistency in your surrounding furnishings and our complete set of 40-gallon recycling and trash receptacles.  All are made to complement our Green-Scapes Collection of furnishings.

The R40C-Cans is a 40-gallon recycling receptacle that’s ready to go to work!  The ‘Cans’ label engraving is included with inlay.  And the rain cap lid has a round hole to further indicate which material the bin is collecting.   Optional inlaid icons are also available to assist guests who don’t read English but want to recycle their cans.

40 Gallon Recycling Receptacle for other materials

The R40C-Cans is one of 5 matching 40-gallon recycling receptacles, each with a specific label and deposit opening shape to differentiate the material.  Pair these with the Tall T40C Trash Receptacles for a complete and matching collection system.

The rain-cap top comes in black.  Choose from 7 nature-inspired and UV-protected colors for the base.

The R40C recycling receptacles include a rigid liner and our Easy Bag System.  Due to the large 40-gallon capacity, we recommend using contractor bags as trash bags.

The Pinnacle of Durability and Appealing Design

The best part is that our 40-Gallon Recycling Receptacle walks the talk because it’s made of 100% recycled HDPE plastic!  Recycled plastic is a very efficient material because it’s strong and durable, and can take the abuse of high-traffic and weather extremes.  The entire receptacle including the lid, slats, and framework are made of recycled plastic.

Another benefit is that we use all marine-grade stainless steel fasteners because they last longer than galvanized.  You will never have rust streaks down the outside of your receptacle because we also fasten the slats from the inside of the base.  That leaves a clean facade on every side without unsightly bolts through the planks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of recycled HDPE for extreme durability
  • Stainless steel fasteners mounted from inside for a sleek, clean, and rust-free appearance
  • ADA compliant
  • The rain cap is accessible from 2 sides and helps keep contents dry
  • Popular for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Interior frames made of recycled plastic, won’t rust like metal frames
  • Includes rigid liner to hold your trash bag and the Easy Bag System to prevent bag collapse
  • Pair with T40 receptacles to create combination trash/recycling centers
  • 20-year commercial warranty
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 165 lbs
Dimensions 22.56 × 22.56 × 41.13 in

Black, Green, Brown, Cedar, Charcoal, Sand, Weathered


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Assembly Video

T40 and R40 Receptacle Assembly Video

Assembly Instructions

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Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

Plastic & Recycled Plastic Products

For Routine Maintenance & Cleaning

For general cleaning of plastic products, use soap and water or a household cleaner such as 409, Windex, etc. Do not use an abrasive cleaner.

For Most Stains

Most stains can be easily removed from plastic products with soap and water or a household cleaner such as 409, Windex or Simple Green. A pressure washer may be used. For best results only use the fan spray option and test a small inconspicuous area first.

For Persistent Stains

For more persistent stains, try an industrial-strength cleaner with a pressure washer or a 10% solution of bleach or vinegar. Test a small inconspicuous area first.

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