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Dog Waste Stations

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  • Pet Waste Bag Dispenser w/ 6' Post

    Starting at $437.00
  • Dog Waste Station with Receptacle

    Starting at $1,021.00
  • Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

    Starting at $298.00

Dog waste stations aren’t just for dog parks anymore.  Pet waste stations are everywhere now that our furry friends are welcome at hotels, campgrounds, amusement parks, and beaches.  Keeping them clean is a priority to help ensure a great guest experience.  Dog waste stations are appreciated by all guests because they encourage responsible waste pick-up which may prevent an unfortunate incident.

Happy Pets and Happy Guests = Good Reviews

Pet waste is not just an eyesore, it’s a source of germs, parasites, and disgust.  Responsible pet parents pick up after their pets.  And the easier you make it for them, the more likely they will clean up.  Providing designated dog runs with pet waste bags and specified waste receptacles encourage good pet etiquette.  This makes your place more enjoyable for all guests and leads to positive word-of-mouth advertising.  Everyone reads reviews now so make sure your story is a well-kept and clean facility that is pet friendly.

Our dog park products are all made of recycled high-density plastic so they are tough, durable, and made to last.  Dog urine and harsh cleaning chemicals won’t hurt them, meaning you won’t have to replace them for decades.

Our Exclusive Pet Waste Stations eliminate the ‘Yuck”

Check out the Dog Waste Depot, our all-in-one pet waste station.  It includes a bag dispenser that holds both rolled and header-style bags with room for extras and a locking door.

Our ‘Doggie Depot’ comes with the best pet waste receptacle on the market which includes a rain cap lid and rigid liner to hold the trash bag.  The amazing feature everyone loves is the Easy-Bag System, which secures the trash bag.  This prevents the trash bag from falling in so deposits stay inside instead of on top.  It’s a hygienic, no-touch system for guests that facility employees appreciate when servicing the station.

Commercial trash cans and recycling bins

Don’t forget to help guests keep your dog park litter-free and clean.  We make outdoor trash receptacles and recycling bins to match your dog waste station.  You could also choose one of our multi-unit trash and recycling combinations – the ultimate in convenience for your park guests.

  • Types

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