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Two-Toned Double Receptacle


Two-Toned Receptacles are available as single, double or triple units which are ideal for trash and recycling centers.  Each includes a 32-gallon liner that is accessible through a side door, fastened with an internal stainless steel piano hinge. Engraving of a single standard word on the front and back is included.  Custom engraving is also available to further designate recyclables and trash, or separate recyclables.  Available with 3 frame and 4-panel colors, and 2-panel designs.

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2T32 Two-Toned Double Receptacles are ideal to provide trash and recycling collection in the same unit.  Each side includes a 32-gallon liner, accessible through a side door that’s fastened with an internal stainless steel piano hinge.  Engraving of a single standard word is included on the front and back panels to indicate what each container is collecting.  Additional and custom engraving is also available.  You can use both sides for different recyclable materials, or for landfill and single-stream recyclable collection.

The 2T32 Double Receptacle is available with 3 frame colors and 4-panel colors.

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Liner Example:

T32 Liner included example

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated rain caps
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Stainless steel fasteners and piano hinges on doors
  • Includes engraving of a standard single word on front and back
  • Large 32 gallon capacity in each unit
  • Rigid liners to hold your trash bag are included
  • Guaranteed not to rot, mold, peel, flake, or split
  • Solid, UV protected color-through components
  • Accessible from all 4 sides – place it anywhere
  • Maintenance-free, no painting or staining
  • 20-year commercial warranty
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 214 lbs
Dimensions 22.88 × 42.75 × 46.75 in
1. Base Color

Black, Brown, Green

2. Top Color

Cedar, Charcoal, Sand, Weathered


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Assembly Instructions

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Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

Plastic & Recycled Plastic Products

For Routine Maintenance & Cleaning

For general cleaning of plastic products, use soap and water or a household cleaner such as 409, Windex, etc. Do not use an abrasive cleaner.

For Most Stains

Most stains can be easily removed from plastic products with soap and water or a household cleaner such as 409, Windex or Simple Green. A pressure washer may be used. For best results only use the fan spray option and test a small inconspicuous area first.

For Persistent Stains

For more persistent stains, try an industrial-strength cleaner with a pressure washer or a 10% solution of bleach or vinegar. Test a small inconspicuous area first.

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