Trash Receptacles

We have commercial trash receptacles for inside or outdoor use in sizes and styles to suit every application. Your trash receptacle doesn’t need to be an eyesore to get the job done. We offer stylish single and multi-unit models in 7 nature-inspired colors.

Everything is included – no additional fees for options

What you see in the picture of each model is what you get, plus the rigid interior liner! If we show it with the rain cap, the price shown includes the rain cap. From a combination unit with 2 divided 14-gallon bins up to 40-gallon single and triple 32-gallon units, the price is the price!

The 40-Gallon Tall Receptacle might be our most popular for another reason besides the large capacity. In addition to the rain-cap top, our unique “Easy-Bag System” secures the trash bag to prevent it from falling inside the liner and causing a mess. Facilities employees agree this single feature saves them time and aggravation when emptying their trash bins.

The sleek construction isn’t just pretty, it’s pretty strong

All of our trash receptacles are made of 100% recycled #2 plastic, the strongest of the plastic resins. Even the interior frames are recycled plastic, so a rusting, rotting frame falling apart will never be an issue. Our commercial receptacles will look great for years and years with occasional washing. In fact, they’ll look so good that they’ll make you look good, too!

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