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Emergency SOS Kiosks

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  • SOS Emergency Kiosk, Message Center - 2 Blanks, 8' Posts

    Starting at $3,601.00
  • SOS Emergency Kiosk, Message Center - 1 Blank Side - 8' Posts

    Starting at $3,815.00
  • Emergency SOS Outdoor Bulletin Board - 2 Blanks, 6' Posts

    Starting at $3,529.00
  • AED & Emergency Kiosk Message Center - 1 Blank Side - 6' Posts

    Starting at $3,743.00

An Emergency SOS Kiosk Message Center is designed to keep the public informed and safe throughout the year and is therefore essential in every public area.  Emergency SOS kiosks may feature an emergency phone, an AED, or instructions to provide guidance in the event of an emergency. You never know when someone may find themselves having a medical emergency. Whether it’s a child with a deep cut or a jogger suffering a cardiac event, having clearly labeled emergency equipment readily available at your facility is crucial.

Having an AED accessible in a New Orleans convention center proved that purchasing decisions can be the difference between life and death.  Read the story HERE

Polly Products prides itself on having a recycled outdoor furniture solution to satisfy your need. Your facility needs a centralized location for evacuation plans, emergency instructions, a first aid kit, or a life-saving AED unit, and the Emergency Kiosks at Polly Products offer variations to provide the perfect solution.  Contact the American Red Cross or your local emergency management department for recommendations on equipment.

Order our Emergency SOS Kiosks with one or two blank panel-board sides to install your SOS phone, AED units, first aid kits, or other emergency equipment.  Both models are available with 6-foot or 8-foot posts for surface or in-ground mounting so they can be placed anywhere! They are made of recycled plastic for all-weather durability. Two weather-resistant locks are included on all side-swing viewing doors.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, our kiosks will withstand the year-round elements and the test of time. They are a convenient way to display emergency information and provide life-saving equipment to those in need. Perfect for trails, playgrounds, colleges, schools, cities, or amusement parks. The 4” x 4” mounting posts are available in 6’ or 8’ lengths and can be surface mounted on a concrete pad/wooden deck or in-ground mounted.

Our Options Include:


  • The AED/Emergency Kiosk Message Center has two sides containing message boards, which you can use to display emergency protocols, emergency contact information, and other important information. The third side is blank sheet plastic, perfect for mounting emergency equipment such as an AED or a first aid kit. If you’re unsure what kind of equipment to install or where to get it, you can contact The Red Cross or your local emergency management department. Equipment is not included.


  • An SOS Emergency kiosk is an essential component of every area available to the public. It keeps the people informed and safe at your site 24 hours a day. The SOS/Emergency Kiosk Station has one side with a message window for displaying life-saving information such as emergency numbers and protocols and two blank sides for mounting emergency equipment (not included) such as an AED unit, first aid kit, or emergency services phone.


All of our products, including our emergency kiosks, are made of maintenance-free recycled plastic. The poly-carbonate windows are scratch and shatter-resistant, even stronger than acrylic material. The material is UV protected, so it won’t fade in the sun. It’s also impervious to moisture and insect damage as well as most harsh chemicals. The material is solid color-through and non-porous, so scratches aren’t obvious, and it’s naturally graffiti resistant. These kiosks are so solid and sturdy that we can back them up with a 20-year warranty.

Eco-Friendly, Durable, Recycled Materials

All Polly Products are ethically made, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. We make our products with 100% recycled #2 plastic which is proven to outlast wood, concrete, and even plastic-coated metal furnishings. Combined with our stainless-steel fasteners, these outdoor furniture products will last for generations. We used recycled plastic because it requires fewer resources (both natural and financial) to produce them, and we divert waste from landfills at the same time.

All of our recycled plastic components are manufactured by us and in Michigan.

Why Choose Polly Products?

At Polly Products, we believe that hard work, honesty, and quality products are the lifeblood of rural America. Our environmentally responsible outdoor furniture adheres to every one of these values. Furthermore, we use 100% recycled materials to avoid depleting our environment of natural resources and reduce the amount of plastic that becomes landfill waste.  While many competitors do it, it’s unnecessary to rely on virgin plastic which strips our resources to create new products. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated and value the input and satisfaction of our customers above all else. You can count on Polly Products to stand behind every single product that we make.

And guess what? Our environmental commitments extend well beyond our products.  We match every donation made on our website to One Tree Planted. We also provide recycling education to kids, support national and local recycling initiatives, and support underserved schools, community and hospice facilities.

The name of our game is “Outdoor Furnishings That Stand the Test of Time.” When you choose Polly Products, you’re choosing health for your community, for your country, and for the environment.

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