Looking for the best recycled plastic picnic tables? Look no further. Polly Products picnic tables are number one in the hearts of Americans. And, for good reason, too. These 100% recycled plastic outdoor tables can withstand anything the great outdoors throws at them—whether that’s floods, hurricanes, blizzards, scorching sun, or even kids who play hard, like kids do.

We have tables for everyone and every place!

Polly Products outdoor tables are big enough for the entire family. You can choose from a variety of sizes, including 6- and 8-foot picnic tables, ADA picnic tables and smaller versions for the kids. Available as commercial picnic tables or stylishly designed cafe dining tables, they will deliver on all your needs. They’re non-porous and easy to keep clean, leaving you more time to enjoy them.

The recycled plastic is more durable than wood, metal or coated-metal, and you can often find them in parks, municipalities, schools, and common areas. In public places or for private use, they can remain outdoors in all weather conditions. Each is constructed with solid tops and seats, meaning there are no voids underneath where wasps and spiders would build nests. Non-toxic, and non-leaching, these picnic tables are safe for the whole family to dine on. Because they won’t rust and are unaffected by corrosive cleaning chemicals, Polly Products recycled plastic picnic tables are often favored by aquatic establishments, beachside recreational areas, and waterparks. The safety of your community spaces is more important than ever. These tabletops can be cleaned with any and all products that meet your standards.

Sustainability that stands the test of time

They stand the test of time, and they do so with environmental responsibility. 100% recycled plastic means our valuable natural resources stay protected for future generations. And, with American-sourced materials, these tables are proudly red, white, and blue—no matter what color you choose. Celebrating our beautiful country means caring for the environment while giving Americans a place to come together—and what better place to enjoy each other’s company and the scenery than a picnic table.