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The Open Hex Table is one of our most popular picnic tables for park tables and outdoor patio tables, too.  We created the center propeller for strength and easy assembly, and the design is often copied but never duplicated!  If you’re looking for an eco-friendly addition to your outdoor space, a recycled plastic hex picnic table is a great option with seating for 6 and a generous tabletop. Our hexagon-shaped table not only looks stylish, but it’s also functional and durable. Made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, this picnic table helps to reduce plastic waste while providing a comfortable place to enjoy your meals outdoors.  And it cleans up beautifully because it’s non-porous, so grime can’t set in and you can use any product you like to clean and sanitize it without worry.

We don’t skimp on thin lumber or second-rate materials.  We use standard sizes of dimension lumber and only HDPE recycled plastic.  Just compare how heavy our table is versus other brands!  Our outdoor hex table is larger than most, with more leg room so all may sit comfortably.  Each seat is made of a solid, thick section of lumber so there are no pinch-points. The Open Hexagon is also available in an accessible version that provides wheelchair access.  Comes standard with a 2″ umbrella hole (umbrella not included).

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The Open Hex Table is one of our most popular picnic tables. Built from standard-sized 2″x4″, 2″x6″ and 2″x10″ planks made out of recycled plastic, the engineered design delivers structural strength with easy-access seating for 6.  We designed it with a central ‘propeller’ that is much stronger than the mitered & bolted centers on others so you can move it without the worry of breaking connections or loosening bolts.  The individual seats are one piece to eliminate ‘pinch points’ and provide more strength and are easy to assemble to the supports.

Cleaning your outdoor hexagon table is a breeze because it’s made of non-porous recycled plastic boards.  It’s easy to clean with soap and water, and you can use the sanitizing product of your choice because the recycled plastic is not affected by harsh chemicals.  It’s non-leaching, non-toxic and safe for food, kids, pets, water – everywhere!  The stainless steel fasteners won’t rust so it’s great for use near freshwater lakes or saltwater.

Ours is the best hex table for comfort

Our Open Hex Table is larger than most, with a bit more legroom so all may sit comfortably.  The Open Hexagon is also available in a universal access version that provides wheelchair access in place of 2 seats.  It comes with a 2″ umbrella hole (umbrella not included) so it’s ready for your umbrella or light torch, which is supported by the propeller center.

Assembly is easy because we pre-assemble the hex tabletop for you and include easy, illustrated instructions.  We recommend using a drill-driver.

Made from 2136 recycled milk jugs!

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic
  • Stainless steel fasteners ensure extended durability
  • Our unique center ‘propeller’ provides structural strength and integrity
  • All components have UV protected color molded through
  • Guaranteed against moisture, rot, mold, insects, splitting and peeling
  • Never needs paint or stain
  • Non-porous so it’s easy to clean and graffiti resistant
  • Non-leaching so it’s safe for marinas, lakeside, pets, and kids
  • 20-year commercial warranty

Additional information

Weight 254 lbs
Dimensions 80.0625 × 80.0625 × 30.50 in
1. Base Color

Black, Brown, Green

2. Top Color

Black, Brown, Cedar, Charcoal, Green, Sand, Weathered


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Assembly Video

Hex Table Assembly Video

Assembly Instructions

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Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

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For Most Stains

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