The Monarque is our original designer bench. The elegant, slender bench frames still come in 3 colors, but have a more sophisticated feel than standard bench ends.

The Monarque starts with the classic park bench seat and back made of 2″ x 4″ slats. The unique frame (see below) brings an air of sophistication and elegance to what was an everyday bench. Add the detailed scrollwork arm option and it levels up to a work of art!

Like all of our recycled plastic outdoor benches, every component is solid and has color and UV inhibitors molded all the way through. We use all stainless steel fasteners because our products are going to last for generations. In fact, we have a 20-year commercial warranty and take back any broken or defective parts at no cost to you.

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A side view of the Monarque bench frame
The Monarque bench frame is more slender and elegant.
A closeup of the detail of the Monarque arm
The detailed scrollwork of the Monarque arm