Park Bench Styles

Think all park benches are the same? Think again. At Polly Products we create park bench styles that will, at times, both blend seamlessly with your decor, or display prominently as a centerpiece for a garden, a park, or a sidewalk. 

There is so much more to benches for parks than merely just places to sit. A park bench means something, and each park bench style tells a different story. Some of them are casual and iconic, like the Park Classic or the Traditional. Others are more refined–the kind of bench that you’d expect to find not in any old park, but in an arboretum or an aviary. The Cambridge Bench fits that bill, or the Monarque. Some park bench styles are modern and sleek, with elegant lines that speak of class and sophistication, perfect for a posh country club or as seating in an open-air upscale mall–the Elite feels this way, gorgeous and modern. 

For pure sitting comfort, a park bench like the Silhouette might be your park bench style of choice, as it’s ergonomic curved seat makes sitting for long periods of time, looking out at the lake, feeding the ducks, or reading a good book a joy–and not a pain in the backside. 

Then we come to the question of arms. The park bench style that you choose will say a lot about its purpose with the presence or absence of arms. Park bench arms turn a simple bench into something that is automatically “more”. The Economizer Bench–a flat-bottomed, backed bench when ordered with arms–is very different in artistic tone than the Economizer Traditional. The Traditional has a more solid  shape and feel,, and it is perhaps a little friendlier, a little more invitingwhere the other bench implicitly states that the bench is a unit, an architectural feature.

The arms of park benches tell different stories. The arms of the Willow match the base frames instead of the r slats of the bench, and, while containing a little curved flair, are much more subdued than the arms of the Monarque, a bench which goes out of its way to live up to its name with its more intricate design. 

Still, there’s something to be said for the benches in parks that stand the test of time, the bench that looks like it could have been in that park a hundred years ago, sat on by your great-grandparents while they were on their first date. The Landmark is a park bench style that lives up to that reputation. Sometimes you just can’t improve on quality and simplicity. 

Whichever park bench style you choose, you will be delighted by one of these gorgeous additions to your community.