Memorial Benches For Parks: Ideas, Cost & Personalization Options

memorial bench at Hoffmaster State Park honoring Genevieve Gillette

memorial bench ideas


Are you seeking a way to honor a loved one while adding a touch of beauty to your outdoor area? Memorial benches are the perfect way to commemorate a friend, family member, or someone important in your life, community, or organization. Modern manufacturing techniques enable quick and affordable production as you customize a memorial bench to honor students, friends, or family members. In public spaces such as schools or parks, these benches also provide a place to rest while serving as a heartfelt reminder.  There are many options and price ranges to personalize your memorial bench, from engraving and color inlay to specialty plaques.

At Polly Products, we understand the importance of finding the perfect way to honor or remember someone dear. That is why we offer professional and compassionate services to help you create a lasting tribute in your community through our engraved memorial park benches. With our durable and customizable benches, you can create a beautiful and meaningful addition to your space. Many parks and facilities offer a Buy-A-Bench program, making it possible to honor your loved one while also benefitting your community.  Because there is no cost to the local government, it allows them to focus hard-earned tax dollars on other areas that need it instead of buying park furnishings.

How to Get a Memorial Bench in a Park

Getting a memorial bench in your park might appear difficult, and the process might fluctuate depending on the area,  but it need not be a complicated process.  In fact, our Donate  A Bench program has helped thousands of memorial benches find homes in parks and streetscapes all over the country.  But if you don’t have a program, we’ve assembled a few hints to assist with directing you through the cycle:

1. Connect with the neighborhood parks and entertainment division to ask about the possibility of a memorial bench in your ideal park. Make inquiries concerning explicit rules, requirements, additional costs, size, and area limitations. Sometimes, you may also need proof that you are related or connected to the honored person.

2. Then, get an application from the Parks and Recreation Department or proper agency that outlines all of the prerequisites for getting a memorial bench in your ideal park.  If they signed up for our Donate-A-Bench program, they will provide an order form, that enables you to select the options that the agency would like to be donated.

3. Once you have all the necessary information, complete the required paperwork and submit it along with payment for the memorial bench (if applicable).

4. After submitting your application, patiently wait for approval from the parks and recreation department staff member reviewing your request. Depending on their workload, it may take several weeks until you receive approval. Having a donation program already in place usually speeds up the process.

5. Once your application is approved, you can arrange to install your new memorial bench. Be sure to follow all guidelines and regulations provided by the Parks and recreation department regarding placement, security, and other factors. Sometimes, the department will even install it for you to ensure it’s done to their standards.

6. At last, celebrate! You now have an enduring commemoration to respect somebody exceptional that will stay in place indefinitely.

Memorial Bench ideas

Memorial benches offer a delightful and personal method for respecting the legacy of somebody exceptional. By setting a commemorative bench in a public space, you can create a tranquil setting for loved ones to visit, reflect, and treasure the memories of their friends and family.

With regard to customizing your memorial benches, there are innumerable choices. Engraving the backboards is a popular option, with most benches offering engravable text that can be tweaked with your choice of font or additional artwork, and even added colors for decorative, eye-catching displays. You can add improvements to the area surrounding the bench to create a beautiful customized space, like flowers, plants, stones, or other landscaping components. If you want something unique and interesting, think about a specially customized bench crafted by Polly Products.

If your memory bench will be placed in your garden or somewhere on private land, you can embellish it in anyway your heart desires. Other ideas for personalization include adding plaques with personalized messages or quotes about your loved one, installing solar lights to accent the bench and assist guests who visit and reflect at night, attaching flags with their name(s), hanging wind chimes for pleasant sounds, or adding a plaque with their favorite poem inscribed on it.

Memorial Day 4ft Bench - CDBronze Plaque - 2.5 x 6 - Electric Blue-WEB4" x 6" plastic laminate plaque with gold finish and black text with a bass fish logo




Once you choose a style you want to use for your memorial bench you simply scroll down and choose among the many options.  Engraving your message with or without color inlay can  include logos, or we have many plaque options from bronze with color backgrounds to metallic laminate that can include pictures.  Whatever personalization ideas you choose, selecting materials and colors that align with your loved one’s wishes is essential to creating that personal & meaningful feeling. A memorial bench should serve as a lasting reminder of all the beautiful memories shared, so take the time to carefully consider how best to represent them through design elements such as colors, words, images, and style.

Creating a personalized memorial bench provides a space for friends and family to gather and reflect and ensures that your loved one’s legacy lives on. Take the time to research the diverse options available, from location requirements to aesthetic preferences, to create a unique and special memorial that honors your loved one in the most meaningful way.  Let Polly Products assist you in making it happen with our professional services and personal care.

How Much Does A Memorial Bench Cost?

The cost of a park memorial bench can vary considerably depending on the size, material it’s made of, plan complexity, and customization choices. A typical basic 6-foot recycled plastic bench typically costs between $400 and $700; however, a quality wooden memorial bench of cedar, teak, or oak can cost up to $2,200. Moreover, adding custom engravings or customized plaques with messages to a bench will add to the expense. At Polly Products, we offer 3 distinct lengths in multiple styles of memorial park benches, from $366 for our 4-foot Economizer Bench to $801 for our 6-foot Silhouette Bench.  From there, you can choose customization options to suit your taste and budget to create a one-of-a-kind memorial bench.  We also offer Veteran Memorial Benches that already include color-enhanced text and logos, which you can further personalize to honor a specific unit or service member.

Remember that extra expenses apply if you choose any optional customization, like engraving, plaques or logos. It is essential to consider both design preferences and your budget when creating the ideal tribute, to stay within your means and still provide the recognition appropriate for your honoree.

It is imperative to investigate if there are any government prerequisites before buying or introducing any open-air seating like the Memorial Bench 4’ backed bench made by Polly Products. Many installations require either consent from neighborhood authorities or verification that funds have been raised before they permit the placement or may specify highly durable all-weather benches, like ours. Numerous choices are available for various financial plans and styles, so you can create your ideal memorial.

Consider all of these elements when designing a memorial bench that best suits your needs and vision – from area prerequisites to style preferences – and you will make something extraordinary that delights your friends and family and respectfully honors the special person intended.

Benefits of Choosing Memorial Bench

The following are three reasons why you ought to consider choosing a memorial bench to remember your dearest:

1. They Are Personal

Memorial benches allow you to create something unique that mirrors your adored one’s character and interests. You can browse various colors and styles, such as backed, flat or our green-scapes line, and even tweak them with classic bronze and alloy metal plaques or engraving their name or notable dates. This makes it extraordinary and meaningful for the guests who visit it frequently and tells a story to those who didn’t know your loved one.

2. They Can Be Modified

With a memorial bench, you can customize various parts of its design, including colors, size, style, inscriptions, etc. Hence, it enhances the environment where it is set while still preserving your cherished memories for generations.

3. They Have a Calming and Healing Effect

Memorial benches offer comfort to the person visiting them; they offer a tranquil spot where individuals can pause for a while and peacefully recall memories and past events amid the harmony of nature. Such visits often produce the feeling of being close to the person lost and can assist in the healing process of grieving.

4. Visibility

Another advantage that memorial benches have is that they are visible to people strolling through the recreation area, guaranteeing that your loved one will always be remembered. Moreover, when families modify their bench with inscriptions or plaques, they can include pictures, witty phrases or ‘isms’ that represent the nature of the person being honored and bring them to life for others to enjoy.

5. Life span

Memorial benches are intended to last quite a long time, despite their exposure to climate and harsh weather – considerably more extended if you pick materials like stone and recycled plastic. It’s the logical choice so that your cherished one’s memory will remain in the recreation area for a long time in the future, giving an enduring tribute to their life for generations to come.

6. Eco-Friendliness

You can ensure that your loved one’s legacy is preserved in an environmentally friendly manner by choosing a memorial bench made of eco-friendly materials. For instance, recycled plastic benches do not need paint or other chemical treatments to last for generations outside. Furthermore, if the bench is located in a recreation area, it can save money for the taxpayer’s budget by reducing maintenance and replacement costs and improving the area’s environmental friendliness.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, buying a memorial bench for a recreation area is a superb method for honoring the life and legacy of an extraordinary person while creating a special place where loved ones can visit, recollect, and ponder their memories together. A wide range of styles, sizes, varieties, and personalization choices are available; you can alter the style, length, and customizations to stay within your budget while achieving your vision.

Consider all elements while choosing the ideal memorial bench that best suits your needs – from area prerequisites to style inclinations, so you can make something truly extraordinary.

At Polly Products, we are focused on manufacturing superior-grade, eco-accommodating products that will stand the test of time long into the future and bring solace to the people who visit them.  We have unique sizes and styles of memorial park benches, from $366 for our 4-foot backed bench to $801 for our 6ft Recycled Plastic Backed bench, all made in Michigan. Our benches are made of 100% recycled HDPE plastic, making them eco-friendly, strong, and dependable so everyone can appreciate and enjoy them for a long, long time.

We are honored to craft memorial benches with the hope that they provide a peaceful place to relax while helping keep the memory of those we have lost alive.

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