Are You Ready to Celebrate the Holidays?

Happy 4th of July Polly Products, black base & Cedar boards with 4th of july engravings

bench boards engraved with holiday messages




It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays. And if you love to celebrate holidays as much as we do here at Polly Products, then you are in the right place.

You’ve got your lights and your wreaths, your big red bows, your garlands, and your tree, but what else? Holiday decor doesn’t have to stop at the traditional trimmings and embellishments.

Why not go the extra mile this year and get yourself a holiday bench to decorate your yard, place of business, or as a gift for someone you love? Our holiday benches look great in yards, gardens, on streetscapes, outside businesses, or anywhere else you want to add some seating with a touch of holiday cheer.

And you also don’t have to limit yourself to just the holidays that fall between November and January.

At Polly Products, we believe in celebrating diversity, which means we have a wide selection of holiday bench options that have been standardized with greetings and logos to suit your holiday preferences and embrace the celebrations that are most special to you. Even better, your holiday bench can continue to welcome guests and celebrate occasions all year thanks to our unique feature – interchangeable boards!

Holiday Bench Features

Our outdoor holiday benches come in two different size options—4 ft. and 6 ft.—and they are made of 100% recycled plastic, which means they are eco-friendly, highly durable, and will last for years to come with little maintenance.

Products made of recycled plastic are also non-porous, so they are incredibly easy to clean and won’t stain. We also use colorants and UV protectants in the plastic mixture, which keeps the benches from fading or needing re-painting.

With each bench, you will get ONE board with the holiday of your choice and one blank board for between seasons. You can switch the holiday board out to change it with the seasons and different holidays. Purchase as many holiday boards as you want!

In addition to the included engraved board, you will also get (1) FREE blank board to replace the holiday board. This way, you can keep the bench out all year long, even when you aren’t celebrating anything special.  And you can have the blank board engraved with a personalized message, too, for an additional charge.  How about ‘Welcome’ or your family name or business? We use special stainless-steel hardware for the interchangeable board attachment so the pilot holes in the bench frames won’t strip out and the boards stay secure.

The Holiday benches have two color options for both 4’ and 6’ lengths: Cedar for a warmer appearance of finished wood, or Weathered for a cooler, more natural wood look.

You also have the additional options to order an anchor kit to keep the bench in place and secure, as well as adding armrests for more comfort and a stately look.

Holiday Bench Options

With our holiday bench, you can choose from a variety of holiday engraving options, including:

  • Halloween: ghost and pumpkin engraving
  • Thanksgiving: turkey and cornucopia engraving
  • Hanukkah: menorah and Star of David engraving
  • Christmas: tree and mistletoe engraving
  • Kwanza: kinara and unity cup engraving
  • Ramadan: star and crescent engraving
  • Happy Holiday: choice of 2 logos provided
  • Fourth of July: flag and firework engraving
  • Memorial Day: soldier paying respects and medal engraving

You can also opt for the general “Happy Holidays” greeting if you want to be inclusive of all holidays. Whatever you want to celebrate, we’ve got you covered.

And if you don’t see the holiday you want, you can create a customized greeting and images for an engraving of your choosing. Just go to the Traditional Benches on our website to design your own unique and personal bench.

Polly Products Holiday Benches

Our holiday benches are the perfect choice for any holiday or season.

Though each bench is made of 100% recycled plastic, they are designed to mimic the look of a traditional wood bench. But they are so much better than wood because they are eco-friendly, low-maintenance, highly durable, and long-lasting. They’re made to stay outside all year long.

Each bench also comes with a 20-year warranty. We promise to deliver quality products and we can help you find what you need so you can walk away with just the right product.

Shop our selection of Holiday Benches today or order another holiday board for your bench and be ready for all the seasons we embrace.

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