The Gnawing Truth: Why Squirrels Can’t Resist Your Recycled Plastic Bench (and How to Stop Them)

Animal Damage on a Polly Bench and Critters & Squirrels love them too
Animal Damage on a Polly Bench and Critters & Squirrels love them too

Critters & Squirrels love them too

We all love the idea of eco-friendly furniture. Benches made from recycled plastic are a great way to add seating to parks and public spaces while reducing landfill waste. But here’s a little secret: critters & squirrels love them too, maybe a little too much.

Those chompers weren’t made for salad, folks. Squirrels, for example, have a constant need to gnaw to keep their ever-growing front teeth in check. Unfortunately, the texture and sometimes even the scent of recycled plastic can be irresistible to these bushy-tailed rodents.

This can lead to a frustrating situation for park managers and homeowners alike. While the occasional nibble might seem harmless, persistent gnawing can damage the benches, leaving behind unsightly marks and potentially creating safety hazards.

So, what can be done?

Don’t Give Up on Green!

The good news is that having eco-friendly benches doesn’t have to mean constant battles with squirrels. Here are a few ways to discourage them from using your recycled plastic furniture as a personal chew toy:

  • Deterrent Solutions: Try using a product called Bitter Apple (according to Toronto Wildlife Centre).  It’s a clear product applied to surfaces that discourages chewing because it tastes bad.  Rubbing the area with peppermint oil or perfumey soap works, too.  There’s also a rodent repellant spray.  You can also plant peppermint, marigolds, mustard, and nasturtiums around the benches – squirrels don’t like any of those and avoid those plants. 
  • Feeder Frenzy: Sometimes, distraction is the best defense. Providing squirrels with alternative chew toys or strategically placed squirrel feeders can give them a more natural outlet for their gnawing needs.

Living in Harmony with Nature

By understanding the reasons behind squirrel behavior and implementing these deterrents, we can coexist peacefully with these fascinating creatures. After all, recycled plastic benches and playful squirrels can both be part of a healthy and vibrant park or outdoor space.

So next time you see a squirrel eyeing up your eco-friendly bench, don’t despair! Critters & Squirrels love them too and with a little planning and some humane deterrents, you can keep your benches beautiful and your furry friends frustration-free.

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