Cambridge Bench

The Cambridge Bench series is the sister of our Silhouette. It has a little more detail to dress it up compared to the Silhouette and is dazzling next to a typical recycled plastic outdoor bench.

The Cambridge has all the glam and still pulls its weight in the durability department. Like all Polly Products park benches, it’s made entirely of 100% recycled plastic. Not 30%, not 50% – our benches are 100% recycled HDPE plastic. We don’t add fillers or contaminants like sawdust or mixed plastics so our products are also 100% recyclable. This is good for you and good for the environment. A Cambridge bench will last for generations where you place it instead of in a landfill.

Isn’t that a cast metal frame?

Nope, the Cambridge and Silhouette frames are also made of solid recycled plastic. While made to mimic the look of classic cast metal or wrought iron, they have none of the problems like rust, corrosion, and annual stripping and re-painting. Enjoy the beautiful, upscale look with zero maintenance!

Because the frames are also solid recycled plastic, they are perfect for poolside, at the lake, in waterparks, and oceanside. Saltwater and sun won’t hurt the Cambridge bench! In fact, our benches will save you both time, money and labor because all they require is an occasional washing.

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