Flat Bench Styles

Flat benches are incredibly versatile. You can use them for locker rooms, dugouts, sidelines, or anywhere that kids or adults are going to cheer on their team, wait their turn or stop and rest. They’re impervious to moisture, easy to sanitize and clean, and best of all, you can leave them in place during all types of weather without fear of damage from the elements.

Because they’re so cost-effective, you can use our flat bench styles in place of backed benches for temporary rest stops or where the need for seating is great but short budgets limit purchases. They can have double the usefulness as backed benches because you can approach them from either side. Just one of these benches does the work of two backed benches.

These styles of flat benches can also be used to control the flow of foot traffic — use them in straight lines end-to-end to act as a pedestrian divider.

If you’re looking to stylize these flat benches, add some planters in between them. It softens the line and adds visual appeal, increasing your street value and creating a more attractive place for people to sit. Add some receptacles for convenience and to keep the area clean and tidy, and you’ve got yourself an aesthetically-pleasing, functional pedestrian space. They’re perfect for parks, waiting areas or scenic viewing platforms. The low profile of the flat bench style doesn’t block any scenic views and seamlessly integrates into the natural landscape.

you can anchor these flat benches in place on both hard and soft surfaces to keep them in their intended places and also deter theft