Specialty Message Centers

Our Specialty Message Centers aren’t just outdoor bulletin boards. They are loaded with features to make them durable and useful for multiple situations while sending would-be vandals packing.

The Specialty Message Centers were designed with function in mind. Our 3-sided kiosks are available in 3 versions. The original has 3 large viewing windows to display abundant information. The SOS Emergency Kiosks are the latest addition and come with one or two hard panel sides for mounting your AED, emergency phone, first aid kit, etc.

We make a Specialty Viewing Message Center that is used for interpretive graphics at points of interest, and as storyboards on trails and in parks.

The Menu Enclosure can display today’s specials, a welcome message to visitors, or tenant and building information in your lobby.

Features that Enhance Durability and Usefulness

We don’t skimp on quality. The design features that make our message boards superior are applied to every style we offer. All viewing doors have polycarbonate windows for additional strength, include locks, and are attached with stainless steel piano hinges. Because the hinges are mounted on the inside, it deters vandals from gaining access to your materials.

We also use recycled rubber tackboard because it won’t absorb moisture and won’t mold or warp as cork board does. And the 100% recycled plastic construction ensures they can take what Mother Nature dishes out and will be in service for decades.

Buy with confidence because we have a 20-year commercial warranty to back you up!

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