4' and Youth Tables

Youth tables are found in parks, playgrounds, school courtyards, and backyards. It’s safer for kids to use a child table rather than a full-size picnic table because it’s made to fit their proportions. The seats allow easy entry and are lower so their feet can touch the ground for balance and correct posture. And the tabletop will be the right height for eating, drawing, and playing games.

It has never been more important than now to make sure your youth tables are clean and sanitized properly. While our recycled plastic tables don’t need maintenance, they do need regular cleaning just as any other would. The good news is they are non-porous and resistant to harsh chemicals so you can use the product of your choice to clean and sanitize the top and seats.

Our youth tables are safe, non-leaching, and can be used for dining, waterparks and recreations centers.

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