5 Reasons to Choose HDPE Furniture

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Today consumers can find outdoor furniture made from all kinds of materials. However, while traditional wood and metal materials are still used, many companies and manufacturers are moving towards more sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly options. One such material that is gaining in popularity is recycled HDPE.

HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene, is a type of plastic material that is used in a variety of products today. Most people are used to seeing it labeled as plastic #2 on things like milk jugs, water and juice bottles, shampoo bottles, and food storage containers, but it can also be used for sturdier products like outdoor furniture.

High-density polyethylene is capable of maintaining both rigid and soft forms, which is what makes it such a versatile material. It is also much easier to make and work with than other traditional materials. Furthermore, it has many additional benefits for both companies and consumers, the most important being that it is environmentally friendly. HDPE has extremely strong molecular bonds and it can be recycled numerous times without adversely affecting its characteristics.

Here are Five Reasons to Choose HDPE Furniture

1. HDPE Furniture is Environmentally Friendly

Plastic waste is a significant issue that contributes to pollution and overflowing landfills. Despite what many believe, not all plastics are recyclable. And even the ones that are still often end up getting dumped in landfills or natural environments. HDPE, however, is one of the most environmentally friendly plastics because it is recyclable and reusable. It also takes much less energy to recycle HDPE than to make other materials, which helps cut back on the use of fossil fuels.

2. Weather Resistant

One of the second-best reasons to choose recycled HDPE outdoor furniture is because it is weather resistant. Other materials like wood or metal react to the elements and can easily fade, crack, rust, and wear down over time. Wood is also susceptible to rotting, mold and mildew. HDPE, however, is a highly durable material that holds up much longer in extreme weather conditions. Furniture made from recycled HDPE can be used for decades outdoors and doesn’t require storage off-season.

3. Durable

In addition to being weather resistant, HDPE furniture is also strong and resistant to chemicals and fire. Again, other materials like wood, metal and concrete can break down over time when they come into contact with chemicals from cleaners, salt sprays from the ocean, and foods and liquids that are absorbed into the material. In contrast, recycled HDPE is non-porous and will not rust or degrade when exposed to these things and will maintain its structural integrity for years. It’s also fire retardant, meaning it will not easily catch fire and does not add fuel to the flames.

4. Easy to Maintain

As HDPE is highly durable and resistant to many substances, it is also very easy to clean and maintain. Other types of outdoor furniture materials may require yearly or seasonal maintenance, like stripping and repainting, sealing or staining.  But HDPE products typically maintain their new look throughout their lifetime. For cleaning, all you need is a cloth or soft brush and a little soap and water to keep it looking brand new.

5. Customizable

Another reason recycled HDPE furniture is an excellent choice is that it can be easily customized with plaques or engraving to advertise your company or honor someone special.  And many products have 7 board colors and 3 frame colors, all nature-based, so you can get a product in a color scheme that fully represents you and your space.

The Polly Products Difference in HDPE Furniture

At Polly Products, we maintain the highest standards for ecological conservation in both our business practices and our product development. Our products are made of 100% recycled plastic and come in a variety of styles and colors. Furthermore, our products use zero formaldehyde, which can be found in other recycled plastic products, and we offer a 20-year warranty for both commercial and residential use that beats out most competitors.

Located in rural Michigan, we proudly supply environmentally responsible outdoor furniture, 100% made and assembled in the USA. Check out our website for more information about our line of products and how Polly Products is making a difference.

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