Find a Way to Contribute and Celebrate Earth Day With Us

At Polly Products, we make it our mission to use sustainable business practices and provide eco-friendly products to help protect the environment. And as Earth Day is almost here, we thought we’d talk a bit more about the importance of living sustainably and how you can do your part to save the planet on your own and celebrate earth day by partnering with us.

The Importance of Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day was initially invented in 1970 after protest groups gained the attention of the media by speaking out against war, oil spills, factory pollution, wildlife extinction, and more. The first official Earth Day was declared on April 22, 1970, and soon after, the government passed several acts to protect wildlife and the environment.

Now, celebrating Earth Day is a global movement acknowledged by millions of people across the world as a way to spread awareness and take action to save the environment. However, despite global initiatives and activism, climate change and pollution continue to be significant concerns. Though many individuals and organizations have worked to reverse the damage that has been done, the rate at which our economies and populations continue to grow makes it difficult to keep up with dwindling resources, pollution, and waste production.

As such, it is now crucial for everyone, including government organizations and businesses, to do their part and make more of an effort if we are to mitigate further damage and ensure a sustainable future. Going green is no longer a fad; it is necessary and must be taken seriously.

How You Can Contribute and Protect the Environment

Luckily, as sustainability and environmentalism have become commonplace, there are numerous resources now available so individuals and organizations can get involved and do their part. If you are looking to live a little greener and celebrate earth day, and even every day going forward, try participating in some of the sustainable initiatives and activities listed below:

  • Plant a tree (or several!)
  • Participate in recycling programs and learn your local recycling guidelines to prevent contamination
  • Find ways to reuse and repurpose items instead of throwing them out
  • Spend more time outdoors learning to appreciate the environment and pick up any litter you see
  • Start a garden and create a compost pile
  • Ride a bike or use public transportation instead of driving
  • Participate in community clean-ups
  • Reduce your water and energy consumption
  • Avoid purchasing plastic products or try to buy products made of recycled plastic materials
  • Use non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • Shop local and buy from second-hand stores when possible
  • Use reusable bags and bottles
  • Join local environmental groups and donate to environmental organizations

Our Partnership With One Tree Planted

At Polly Products, we’ve joined forces with One Tree Planted to do our part and help protect the planet. In addition to our sustainable business practices and our line of outdoor products made of recycled plastic, we have partnered with this amazing organization to help reforest the planet.

When you support our company and buy our products, you can select a donation amount to go toward One Tree Planted—and we will match that amount. For every dollar raised, One Tree Planted will plant a tree in an area that has suffered as a result of deforestation.  That’s one way we can celebrate Earth Day together.

With your help, we can make double the difference by restoring the planet with life-giving, air-cleaning, and oxygen-producing trees!

The Polly Products Green Mission

At Polly Products, our green mission is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible by providing 100% recycled products and by adopting sustainable business practices. Our team of compassionate environmental advocates in rural Michigan shares humble values and believes in delivering quality products. We proudly supply environmentally responsible outdoor furniture, 100% made and assembled in the USA.

Check out our website for more information and to see how Polly Products is making a difference.

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