U.S. Top Contributor to Plastic Waste

plastic waste

plastic waste

There is no denying that climate change and pollution are major issues. For years now, experts have been warning individuals, governments, and organizations of the negative and potentially irreversible effects humans are having on the planet. And we have now hit a point where taking action is no longer recommended; it is necessary if we want to save our planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Unfortunately, the U.S. is the top contributor to plastic waste, which means it is time to take action.

Just about everyone, from individuals to industries and organizations, contributes to waste, pollution, and the consumption of precious resources. We all carry the responsibility of making changes to mitigate further damage to the environment. However, recent reports have now shown that the U.S. in particular, is one of the top contributors to plastic waste—which is one of the biggest pollution issues our planet is facing.

Plastic Waste Statistics in the U.S.

According to these reports, the U.S now ranks as “the world’s leading contributor of plastic waste, requiring a national strategy to combat the issue.” Plastic waste has been an increasingly problematic crisis for years now, as the use of so many plastic products and single-use materials is are causing landfills to overflow, waters to be polluted, and toxins to be released into the atmosphere. Tiny plastic particles known as microplastics that are ingested by animals from plastic waste are also now being found in the human body as well.

Below are some of the staggering statistics on the plastic waste crisis in the U.S.:

  • The U.S. generates around 287 pounds of plastic waste per person.
  • In 2016, the U.S. produced over 42 million metric tons of plastic waste.
  • Between 1.13 million to 2.24 million metric tons of plastic waste in the U.S. leak into the environment each year.
  • Eight million metric tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year.
  • If current plastic waste rates continue, this number could go up to 53 million metric tons by the end of this decade.
  • The U.S. produces more plastic waste than all of the EU countries combined.

How Polly Products is Making a Difference

With the U.S. being the top contributor of plastic waste, it is evident that something needs to change, and fast, if we are to mitigate further damage to the planet. There are numerous ways individuals and companies can take action to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint, especially where plastic waste is concerned. One such way is to purchase products made of recycled plastic materials.

At Polly Products, we’ve made it our mission to protect the environment by manufacturing and selling outdoor recreational products made from recycled plastic. By doing so, we are reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills because the plastic is instead reused to make our furnishings. Not only does this keep plastic out of the landfills, but it protects our natural resources because no new oil is required.  Using recycled plastic also consumes less energy to create furniture compared to new plastic, resulting in less burning of fossil fuels.

The Benefits of Buying Recycled-Plastic Furniture

As a whole, there are many benefits to choosing recycled-plastic furniture over products made with conventional materials, including:

  • It keeps plastic out of landfills.
  • It takes less energy to use recycled plastics to develop new products—meaning fewer carbon emissions.
  • It reduces the amount of plastics entering and polluting natural environments, like the ocean.
  • It prevents deforestation from both mining and lumber harvesting
  • No toxic chemicals or heavy metals are used in production

Additionally, products made from recycled plastics are:

  • Highly durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Have a long lifespan
  • Can be recycled and repurposed at the end of their lifecycle
  • Highly customizable

The Polly Products Green Mission

At Polly Products, we use 100% recycled plastic to create our furniture allowing us to meet and exceed the EPA’s guidelines for park and recreation products. Everything we do is green, from our products to our company beliefs and practices. We are fully committed to ecological conservation.

Located in rural Michigan, our company shares humble values and believes in delivering quality products. We proudly supply environmentally responsible outdoor furniture, 100% made and assembled in the USA. Check out our website to learn more about our line of sustainable products for commercial applications and your own backyard.