A Circular Economy for Plastics. What Is It?

Science is full of cycles. The water cycle, carbon cycle, hydrologic cycle, oxygen cycle...the list goes on and on! In elementary school, many of us learned the mantra about reducing, reusing, and recycling, typically accompanied by a little diagram synonymous...

Recycled Plastic Furniture And Circularity

Circularity is just what it sounds like, materials never leaving the circle.  In our industry, it refers to using recycled materials in manufacturing products and then those products being recycled and reused to manufacture new parts.  Nothing goes to waste...

Are Recycled Content Products RECYCLABLE?

There is so much talk about companies large and small committing to using recycled materials in making their products.  What you don't hear from those same companies is if their products are recyclable.  Let's talk about that because it is...

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