Product Spotlight: Polly Product’s Green-Scapes Collection

Product spotlight greenscapes

Silhouette 6' Bench, part of Polly Products' Green-Scapes recycled plastic outdoor furniture collection

Polly Products manufactures durable outdoor furniture products for the public. Because these products are made from recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene), they are ideal for sustainably-minded schools, cities, parks, zoos, resorts, amusement parks, and so much more.

We commit to being as environmentally responsible as we can, and know that many of our customers feel the same way. The Green-Scapes collection is one way to feel good about the environmental impact of the products you put in your green spaces.

Our Green-Scapes Collection

We are proud to spotlight our Green-Scapes Collection.  The Green-Scapes products mimic the classic, upscale frame designs of the past, yet they are made from solid and durable recycled plastic. Our Green-Scapes benches and tables give people more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Plus, they are nearly maintenance-free, making them a favorite of property owners, park directors, school administrators, and anyone else responsible for the upkeep of public and private outdoor spaces.

Green-Scapes products won’t rust, and you will never need to repaint or stain them. They are built to withstand the elements year-round in all climates.  So they are ideal for any architecture, including green spaces, hotels, restaurant patios, amusement parks, zoos, marinas, gardens, and municipal or public parks.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular Green-Scapes products!

Bodega Outdoor Dining Table

The Bodega Outdoor Dining Table comfortably seats up to six adults. The benches are easy to access and comfortable.

The Green-Scapes table frame is our unique design. It looks just like the ornately detailed cast iron of park and restaurant tables of yesteryear but is made of solid molded recycled plastic.

The Bodega creates a casual ambiance for any patio, sidewalk, or outdoor dining space. You’ll find people sitting at the Bodega Outdoor Dining Table enjoying al fresco dining, playing games, doing activities with kids, playing cards, and so much more. It’s incredibly easy to clean and stands up to the elements all year.

We offer the Bodega Outdoor Dining Table in 11 colors paired with a solid black frame.

Cambridge 8’ Bench

This gorgeous 8’ bench is elegant and functional. It looks exactly like the beautiful wood-and-cast iron benches that used to line park sidewalks in many cities, but with many more advantages.

The bench is incredibly durable and holds up to all seasons without needing to be painted. Made of molded solid recycled plastic, it doesn’t rust and doesn’t need to be brought in for the winter. Spring clean-up typically looks like a quick spray-and-wash, nothing more!

The seats and backs use bull-nosed 2”x4” planks on the outer edges and 2”x2” interior slates.

Plaza Hex Universal Access Table

The Plaza Hex Universal Access Table (also called the Plaza HA Picnic Table) features our proprietary Green-Scapes designer frame. That means that you’ll get that ornately detailed cast iron appearance, but with all the benefits of recycled plastic.

The Plaza Hex HA seats up to 4 adults plus provides convenient accommodation for wheelchair seating. The step-in seats make it a great table for guests of all abilities in all settings.

The seats are made from 2”x10” plastic lumber, and the hexagonal tabletop is made from 2”x6” plastic lumber planks. It also comes standard with a 2” umbrella hole in the center so you can add shade with your umbrella (not included) as needed.

Our Green Promise at Polly Products

We are proud of our Green Promise–and we are sticking to it!

Our Green Promise means that we make our products to exceed the minimum requirements outlined in the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for park and recreation products.

While the term “Green Products” is a buzzword often used by companies who want to market as eco-friendly, our products were green long before it was popular! We mold our furniture from 100% recycled #2 plastic. The added colorant and UV stabilizers protect the components from the sun’s damaging rays and from degrading our high-quality, durable products.

Unfortunately, even though the U.S. is getting better at recycling, more than 70% of post-consumer plastic is buried in landfills annually! Recycling plastic requires less energy than producing new plastic.  It also doesn’t require additional natural resources (such as oil), and it provides jobs. Of course, it also keeps plastic out of our landfills, landscapes, and waterways, and makes our green spaces cleaner!

We are proud to manufacture all of our recycled plastic components–including the Green-Scapes line–right here in mid-Michigan! Buy our American-made, recycled Green-Scapes products and be part of the solution.

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