Step-Thru Picnic Tables

Our selection of Step-Thru Picnic Tables ensures everyone gets a good seat when used in conjunction with ADA-compliant tables. This style in picnic tables is also called step-in or easy-access tables. Elderly guests and those with limited mobility appreciate the ease and additional safety provided by step-thru picnic tables.

These tables have low-profile or open frames so guests literally step in between the seat and tabletop. That is much safer and more convenient (and graceful!) compared to climbing over the seat as you must with classic picnic tables. This feature is also appreciated by guests in skirts and dresses which makes them popular at venues like wineries and concessions.

Our large selection includes classic rectangular picnic tables and square, round, and hex versions with both lumber and Greenscapes frames. Choose from lumber tabletops or multiple colors of sheet plastic tops and seats. Whether you’re outfitting a park pavilion, campsite, tasting patio, or school, we have tables that solve problems and make life easier.

Many of our Step-Thru Picnic Tables are available in ADA-compliant versions to maintain a consistent design throughout your facility.

Step-In Tables are very versatile

Public parks and facilities often choose tables with easy-access seating because they not only serve a wide variety of guests but are easy to assemble. Being able to step into the table is especially important in adult communities, elder-care facilities, and HOA’s where safety is a priority.

Safety and cleanliness

Recycled plastic outdoor tables are non-porous and inorganic so they can’t rot or mold and leave bacteria nowhere to hide. They’re easy to clean and sanitize with the product of your choice because they’re resistant to harsh chemicals. And HDPE is a food-grade plastic that’s non-toxic and doesn’t leach any chemicals. Protecting the health of our communities is paramount and recycled plastic tables help you do that.

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