Recycled Plastic 6 Foot Picnic Tables

The popularity of our 100% recycled plastic 6 foot picnic tables is no surprise. You’ll find them in parks, campgrounds, pavilions, and concession areas. With seating for six people, a 6-foot picnic table can easily accommodate a family or small group. And they provide a level of intimacy to the group but with plenty of room to play cards or games. 6-foot tables are also an affordable option for residential backyards or where space is a concern.

When choosing a style of 6 foot picnic table, consider the people who will be using it. A classic A-frame table is probably suitable for a campsite. However, one of the easy-access or detached-seat models might be better options at a senior center or public park. They allow the user to ‘step in’ sideways over a low-profile frame instead of having to climb over the seat. This enables most people, whether young or mature, and those with limited mobility or wearing dressier apparel to enter the seat with ease and modesty.

We also have 8 foot tables and an excellent selection of wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant tables.

And the best part about our picnic tables is they’re made of 100% recycled HDPE plastic. They are highly durable and incredibly easy to maintain. HDPE is one of the safest plastics available because it doesn’t easily break down or leach toxic chemicals like other plastics. Our outdoor tables look great but are also great for the environment, too.

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Easy to Clean, Easy to Maintain

One of the best features of our recycled plastic tables is that they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Doesn’t everyone want to sit at a clean table to enjoy their meal?

Our commercial picnic tables are made of non-porous recycled plastic so grime can’t settle in. These tables will not rot or mold and are easily cleaned with soap and water or a disinfectant of your choice. Because the planks won’t splinter and snag, they are easy on your skin and clothes, too.

The Perfect Table For All Environments

From frigid winters in the Arctic to sweltering summers in Dubai, our tables are standing the test of time! Recycled HDPE plastic is impervious to moisture so snow and ice are no match. UV inhibitors are mixed in to protect it from the harsh sun. The dense planks are also comfortable to sit on, in any weather, hot or cold. And we use only stainless steel fasteners so they’ll hold up to chlorine and salt at waterparks, ocean boardwalks, and beaches.

Our picnic tables are the ideal solution for any location. And because they are also good for the planet, it’s a solution you can feel good about, too.