ADA Picnic Tables

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These picnic tables have been designed to be ADA compliant wherever possible , and at the very least wheelchair accessible, to make sure that EVERYONE gets a seat at the table. ADA picnic tables weren’t the norm at schools, campgrounds, parks, and municipal buildings, but they should be. We need to be able to ensure that everyone is welcome at these ADA tables. 

With plenty of room for wheelchairs, the ADA picnic tables are fully compliant with the  specifications outlined bythe ADA plus they’re simply great-looking tables. Why should anyone be turned away from sitting at a picnic table, when there’s such an easy fix with these ADA tables.

No matter whether you’re looking for rectangular tables or round, large tables or small, these ADA picnic tables will fit in any location that a standard picnic table fits, and you’ll know that you’re making sure all students, employees, park guests, and citizens will be able to use the equipment regardless of ability. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that every table is at the appropriate height to fit a wheelchair-using guest comfortably. There is plenty of room beneath the table for their legs and the wheels of the chair, and there is ample space around the chair for them to maneuver in and out. 

When you’re looking to upgrade your picnic tables to ADA picnic tables, know that you can’t find any better than those made by PollyProducts.