Recycled Plastic Outdoor Benches for Schools

Recycled plastic outdoor benches from Polly Products reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment and are resistant to weather, insects, and other outdoor elements. Our recycled plastic outdoor benches also require very little maintenance. This makes Polly Products’ benches a great options for schools and universities. Our benches are manufactured here in the U.S. and are manufactured without any harmful chemicals that are toxic or could cause splits – a huge plus for the younger ones!

outdoor benches for k-12

Explore our popular recycled plastic Buddy Benches, designed for younger children and students in kindergarten, middle school, and high school. No harmful chemicals or worries about getting splinters. 

outdoor benches for colleges & universities

Explore our popular outdoor benches made from recycled plastic for colleges and universities. These benches are commonly purchased to help improve the aesthetics of your campus and to encourage outdoor communication and socialization.

Why Choose Polly products recycled outdoor benches?

Polly Products is a leading manufacturer of recycled plastic outdoor benches that are made in the U.S.A. By purchasing a bench from Polly Products, you’re not only supporting the environment by using 100% recycled plastic and minimizing waste, you’re also supporting the local Michigan workers that pour their heart and soul into manufacturing each piece of outdoor furniture. Click on the button below to explore all of our products and shop all of the recycled plastic outdoor furniture options for your school today!

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