Located in a rural Michigan farming community, Polly Product's owners and workforce share the values that have made our country great. Hard work, honesty, and the desire to deliver quality products is the mainstay of rural America

We are proud to supply an environmentally responsible product to the marketplace. A product that provides a durable alternative to other materials that rob our environment of our valuable natural resources is a Polly Product. "Outdoor Furnishings That Stand The Test of Time" is our contribution to the saving of our planet.

"Quality", "recycled", and "durability" are words synonymous with Polly Products. We not only manufacture all of our recycled plastic components, our craftsmen create and fabricate products that are shipped worldwide.

Attractive designs combined with a material that is practically maintenance free, what could be better? How about environmentally friendly, quality craftsmanship, and made to last.

If you are in the marketplace for tables, benches and related products look no further, we have them. Many of our products have pre-assembled components to save your customers time and money. They all have fully illustrated, step-by-step, easy assembly instructions.  The decorative table frames found on our Greenscapes and Cafe tables are designed for ease of assembly and truly are superior in quality and design.

And what's the bird have to do with anything?  Polly the Parrott is our mascot.  We create our products from recycled high-density polyethylene, so Polly Ethylene was born!  You won't forget her now, will you?

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