Hexagon Tables

Hexagon tables are a favorite style for a variety of reasons. They provide seating for 6 people in a smaller footprint, so businesses can fit more tables in a space. Another bonus is they are generally more budget-friendly than a classic 6 foot picnic table, too. They fit well on residential patios, glamping decks, and outdoor restaurant seating and concessions.

Hex tables are also considered step-in or easy-access, making them great for people of all abilities. There’s no need to climb over a seat, just slip in sideways to sit. Easy-peasy! And all seats are one-piece, solid lumber so they’re sturdy and eliminate any pinch-points, and don’t have open voids underneath where wasps tend to make nests.

We make adult hexagon tables in two styles: our Open Hex Table has a lumber frame, seats, and top and is available in 21 color combinations. This model is a popular hexagon picnic table. Our Plaza Hex Table is an upscale design with a black frame that mimics ornamental cast iron. The top and seats come in 7 nature-inspired colors. The sophisticated style is suitable for al fresco dining, glampsites, residential patios, and event pavilions. Whichever you choose, there’s a matching accessible model.

And let’s not forget the kids! Our Open Hexagon Youth Table is just right for small children, from toddlers to mid-grade school. Use it for snacks, an art project or an activity table. There are no worries because it will clean right up with soap and water or your choice of disinfectants.

The benefits exceed the table itself

Our hexagon tables offer additional benefits because they’re crafted of 100% recycled plastic by a team of dedicated environmentalists. These aren’t factory mass-produced, but each one is made to order and inspected to ensure high quality. From your initial order to delivery, our rock stars in customer service and production commit to treating each order as their own.

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