ADA Receptacles

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  • T40C trash/recycle receptacle at resort with clean background View

    Tall 40 Gallon Trash Receptacle w/Rain Cap

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  • T32 Receptacle in front of glass building View

    Two-Toned 32 Gal Commercial Trash Receptacle, Single

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  • 2T32-BN-SD-Blank Background View

    Two-Toned Double Receptacle

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Our trash receptacles come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs to suit your needs, including:

  • Trash receptacles. We offer seven different ADA trash receptacles, each with its own style and capacity. These include round and square receptacles, half-round receptacles for placing flush against walls, and receptacles with rain caps.
  • Recycling receptacles. Our recycling receptacles come in five different options for bottles, paper, plastic, cans, and general recycling. All recycling receptacles also come with rain caps and include the listed label engravings.
  • Double and triple combination trash and recycling receptacles. For convenience, you can also purchase our combination options to provide your guests with trash and recycling side-by-side. You choose the labels to create a combination trash and recycling center that works for you.


At Polly Products, we offer a wide range of ADA trash and recycling receptacles to suit any location or space. And many of our receptacles come with an easy-bag system to prevent the trash bag from falling in and make changing out bags a breeze. We can also customize your receptacle and all but the Economizer include rigid liners to keep trash bags supported and secured in place, as well as rain caps to help keep rain and snow out of the container..

Choose from single receptacles to place wherever they are needed or double and triple combination receptacles to make trash and recycling more conveniently located in one spot. We even have a space-saving option with our half-round receptacles that can be placed up against a wall or our single-round receptacle that has two separate holes and containers for trash and recycling.

Each waste receptacle is assembled with stainless steel fasteners inside for a clean look that prevents rust. And you have the option to include a one-word label engraving so you can help customers clearly identify which receptacles are for trash and which are for recycling.

Overall, Polly Products trash and recycling receptacles are the ideal solutions to keep your business, park, school, etc. clean and tidy. And, of course, our ADA receptacles are perfect to ensure you are being inclusive and ensuring visitors of all abilities can access and use your amenities.

And the best part of all is that our products not only benefit you and your customers, but they also benefit the environment. Plastic waste is a major concern as it contributes to pollution and can sit for hundreds of years in landfills and other natural environments while breaking down. And using recycled plastic doesn’t require the extraction of new fossil fuels so there are far less green house gases produced that contribute to climate change. So by purchasing our recycled plastic receptacles, you are helping to reduce plastic waste and protect the planet.

You can even make a donation to One Tree Planted with your purchase, and we will match your donation to double the efforts. Together, we can make a difference and make the world a better and cleaner place!