Facility Products & Accessories

Polly Products is your one-stop shop for all the accessories and amenities you need!

Let us help you tell the rest of your story, too.  Whether you're looking for items for your furry or flowered friends, bikes or bollards, sign posts or trail/mile markers, we have them in the same 100% recycled HDPE you've come to depend on for its durability, year after year. 

Facility products are exposed to the elements, temperature extremes, graffiti and animal doo-doo, so making them from recycled plastic is both very efficient and just makes good sense.  Our recycled HDPE products are UV protected, non-leaching, and are not affected by pet urine, guano or droppings, or any of the harsh chemicals you might use to clean those things off.  Because our plastic is non-porous, it can't harbor bacteria and is naturally graffiti resistant. Smart!

Let's walk through the accessories and complete the picture of your space  . . . 

Facility Products Features:

Made from recycled #2 HDPE plastic
Stainless steel fasteners for extreme durability
UV protected, rich color is solid through all components
Non-porous and naturally graffiti resistant
Non-organic and cannot rot, mold or harbor insect infestations
Made in the USA