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The Wonderful Horrible Problem with Plastic

It is rather interesting that when you bring up the topic of "plastic", you often get such different reactions. To some, plastic is the one of the most useful and wonderful inventions ever created by humankind. To others, it is the bane of our existence and destroying our environment, our oceans and world. The truth is that those two contrasting viewpoints are both correct.

Plastic has improved our lives by being made into many products that we use every day. It also is made into versatile, efficient, and low-cost packaging. However, the downside is that plastic has become so commonplace that it often ends up being thrown away after a single use. Research by the Mote Marine Laboratory located in Sarasota, Florida found that a typical plastic bottle will take 450 years to break down and decompose. The sad irony is that we see food and beverages with a short shelf-life, put into a plastic container that will last for over four centuries.

Now much of that disposed plastic is filling up our landfills, littering our environment and polluting our waterways. This has become a huge problem, especially since it takes so long for it to decompose. However, that terrible long-lasting problem of plastic waste can also offer a wonderful solution. Enter the concept of recycling! Instead of discarding plastic, it can be reused and recycled.  Many manufacturers are now recycling plastic and other materials, to make a wide variety of outdoor furnishings ranging from playground equipment, parks and recreational furnishings, to play surfaces, splash pad features and even artificial turf.  The benefits are that making things from recycled materials not only keeps trash out of landfills and reduces pollution in the environment, but we also consume less energy and natural resources, plus - BONUS - we can make items that will last longer than those made of wood, metal or other traditional materials.

Polly Products combines style, functionality and ecology in manufacturing outdoor furnishings made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic for commercial, recreational and municipal use. Our long-lasting furnishings will not rust, rot, splinter, peel, nor flake, and will never need to be stained or repainted because color pigments and UV protectants are molded into and through the entire solid plastic product. Stainless-steel fasteners ensure rust-free lifetime durability. Polly Products offers 12 park bench styles in 3 sizes, 19 picnic table models, including 10 with ADA wheelchair accessible options, as well as trash & recycling receptacles, locked message centers, bike racks, trail markers and custom made signs.  Our Facility Products include planters, Pet Waste Stations and a Bat House.

So, the next time you need to replace or perform labor intensive and costly maintenance on park furnishings that are made from traditional materials, think about the long-lasting durability and low maintenance option of recycled plastic. Think Polly Products for outdoor furnishings that stand the test of time.

Learn more and find testimonial and assembly videos at https://www.youtube.com/pollyproducts

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